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Indian Chieftan Chrome Front Wheel
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by Sport Chrome
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At Sport Chrome we offer a large inventory of motorcycle wheels in our World Famous Show Quality Chrome that are available for immediate delivery!



You can take advantage of our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program by purchasing your chrome motorcycle wheels from us directly or from any one of our authorized dealers. Contact us if you would like to find an authorized Sport Chrome dealer in your area.

2014 & 2015 Indian Chieftan.

Call or send an email to make sure the wheels you need are currently in-stock and ready to ship out. 

Some FAQ’s about our Show Quality Chrome Plating Motorcycle Wheel Exchange Program:

QUESTION: How do I order?
We offer three different easy options for you to obtain your set of chrome motorcycle wheels.


Method #1: “Yes, and I would like to have these chrome wheels shipped to me first!”

The easiest and fastest way to get your chrome motorcycle wheels is for us to ship our already chrome plated wheels to you first. Once you receive them, have your mechanic remove your stock, good condition wheels from your bike and replace them with our chrome wheels. Make sure your mechanic inspects your wheels for damage after he has removed them from your motorcycle and before he installs your new chrome rims. Once that is done, repackage your original wheels in the same shipping container that your new chrome motorcycle wheels arrived in. We intentionally use extra packaging material and a heavy duty box to insure that the wheels will not sustain damage while in transit back to Sport Chrome. It is important that you make sure your wheels are repackaged in the exact same way your chrome rims arrived. We allow up to 21 days from the date you receive your new chrome motorcycle rims to return your good condition stock rims back to us.

PLEASE NOTE: This method requires that we add a REFUNDABLE core deposit to your order. This amount will be promptly refunded to you via the same method of payment used for your order.


Method #2: “Yes, and I will be sending my wheels to Sport Chrome first!”

If you are not in a hurry, you can choose to send us your wheels first. Once they are received, inspected and accepted, we will ship to you your new set of chrome motorcycle rims. After you place your order, we will reserve a set of chrome wheels for you that are for the exact make and model motorcycle, so they are ready to ship as soon as the wheels from your motorcycle arrive.

Important: After your order is placed, you will be emailed a copy of your sales order, and you must include a copy of this sales order with the wheels you are sending in. Your sales order will arrive within one business day after your purchase. 


Method #3: “No Exchange, I want to purchase the wheels outright”

If you want to PURCHASE OUTRIGHT our show quality chrome plated wheels without exchanging a set, simply complete the transaction by selecting "No Thanks" in the drop down box. You will be paying for the chrome plating, as well as the core charge, and you will not need to exchange wheels with us.



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QUESTION: What are acceptable wheel cores?

 In order to guarantee that we consistently produce A+ condition wheels for exchange, we must start with only accepting cores that are in good condition.


Your wheel cores must be the same year, make and model that you purchase from us.
If your wheel cores have minor damage we can repair them, but at your expense.
Wheel cores that have been in a collision or previously chrome plated by another company are not acceptable.

We strongly suggest that you have a trained technician from an authorized dealership check your wheel cores prior to shipping them back to us. They can mount the wheels on a balancer and check for dents or bends that result in run out in excess of twenty-thousandths of an inch, which would require repair. This should take no more than 5 minutes and is extremely important.

If your wheel cores have over .020 of run-out, please call us to discuss your options.

If the wheel cores are within tolerance, please have your technician complete the “inspected by” labels provided with your Exchange Core Return Form and attach them to your wheels.

QUESTION: Do my new chrome motorcycle wheels include bearings?

Sport Chrome has new bearings and dust seals available for purchase for most makes and models. Installing new wheel bearings is a job for a trained technician, and we do not provide installation of new bearings at this time. Please contact us if you need help finding an authorized Sport Chrome dealer in your area.


QUESTION: What if my existing wheel cores have some damage?

We understand that nicks and scratches happen on any bike that is ridden, so small imperfections are not a problem. It is structural damage to the wheel that would prevent us from accepting your wheel as an acceptable core. We have repair services available for wheels that have minor but repairable damage, such as, small lip bends, etc.


QUESTION: Who pays for shipping?

Sport Chrome pays for FedEx ground shipping to you of our chrome motorcycle wheels (within the Continental U.S.), but it is your responsibility to pay for the return shipping of your wheel cores back to Sport Chrome. We do offer the option of including a return shipping label for an additional charge. After you complete your purchase, let us know here that you would like a return shipping label included with your chrome wheels.


QUESTION: How do I return my wheel cores back to Sport Chrome?

One of the many benefits in dealing with Sport Chrome through our Chrome Wheel Exchange Program is your ability to use our same sturdy packaging materials for returning your wheel cores.

Simply remove your tires and bearings, reuse the packaging materials in the same manner as they were used for your shipment, securely seal the multi-walled corrugated carton and affix the appropriate shipping label.


QUESTION: How long do I have to return my wheel cores?

Sport Chrome requests a timely return of your wheel cores and requires them to be returned within 21 days from the date you receive them. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your refundable core deposit as we will use it to replenish our inventory by purchasing a replacement set.


QUESTION: How do I know the product I receive will be as good as my wheel cores?

Our experienced Technicians thoroughly inspect all items offered under our Show Quality Chrome Plated Motorcycle Wheel Exchange Program to insure that these products are in excellent condition. All items are Original Equipment and in optimum operating condition.


QUESTION: Why should I use Sport Chrome’s Chrome Motorcycle Rim Exchange Program?

Simply put … Using Sport Chrome for your motorcycle's new chrome wheels, gets you our world famous show quality chrome plating quickly and hassle free!

All of our products are given our unrivaled attention to quality and detail and everything is backed by our full Warranty.



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