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2018 Street Glide and Road Glide Wheel Styles

The best group of wheel options we have ever seen from Harley-Davidson!

Make sure you view the entire page to see all the wheel styles, including … the Reinforcer… the Talon ... the Knockout … and the Enforcer designs.
2018 Road Glide CVO Gunship Grey with 21 Inch Knockout Front Wheel
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The Enforcer

The base model 2018 Street Glide and 2018 Road Glide are both standard equipped with the Enforcer wheel style (19” inch front wheel, 16” inch rear wheel). The Enforcer design was first introduced in 2014 and immediately became a favorite of Street Glide and Road Glide owners.
2018 Road Glide Enforcer Wheels Chrome or Black
At Sport Chrome, when the Enforcer wheel was first released we immediately started work on developing our unique process of transforming the Enforcer wheel style with our Show Quality Chrome Plating backed by our Lifetime Warranty.
We start by inspecting every square inch of each wheel we transform to make sure that all of them are in optimal condition from the very beginning of our process. All wheels are checked for “run-out” and any wheel found to have run-out that exceeds our standards is immediately pulled out of process (run-out is used to measure the structural trueness of a wheel).
2018 Street Glide Wheels Enforcer Chrome Black
A Sport Chrome finished Enforcer wheel is different than any other option on the market!
We take tremendous care to hand-sculpt each wheel to remove and blend away the ridges between each spoke, all the raised lettering and all the casting marks left from the original manufacturing of the wheel.
In between each high quality layer of plating (Copper, 3 Nickels, Chrome) the wheel is hand-buffed and polished to bring out the finest mirror chrome finish … durable enough to last a lifetime!
All work is performed by the skilled hands of our Master Technicians … done right here in Orange County, California, USA!
Enjoy these images of the “Sport Chrome” Enforcer Show Chrome Wheels for the 2018 Harley Street Glide and 2018 Road Glide!
2018 Street Glide Road Glide Chrome Wheels and discs Enforcer Style
2018 Street Glide Enforcer Chrome Front Wheel
Enforcer Chrome Front Wheel 43300336

The Talon

Another exciting 2018 Harley Wheel Design is the all new Talon!
The Talon is available as standard equipment on the new “blacked-out” 2018 Street Glide Special and 2018 Road Glide Special. These two new Harley Touring models roll straight out of the factory all blacked-out… the only thing missing are the Sport Chrome wheels!
2018 Street Glide Road Glide Special Talon Chrome Wheel
The Talon is a brand new design for 2018 from Harley-Davidson.
2018 Road Glide Special Wheels Talon Chrome Black
The front wheel is a 19” inch and the rear wheel is an 18” inch. This is the first time we have seen an 18” inch rear wheel on a Street Glide or Road Glide (except CVO).
2018 Street Glide Special Chrome Wheels Talon
We have already set out to purchase several brand new sets of Talon wheels to have available soon in our World Famous Show Quality Chrome Exchange Program!

The Knockout 21” Inch Front Wheel … New for 2018

The new Knockout wheel is definitely a looker! So far, we know it is only going to be available as standard equipment on the 2018 Road Glide CVO. We have also seen the wheel appear in the accessory catalog (along with a suspension kit & matching rear wheel)
What we do know is that the Knockout wheel is available only as an all black (two-tone) version and a contrast chrome version ... BUT stay tuned … we might very well try to offer the Knockout wheel in our Show Quality Chrome plating!
2018 Harley Knockout Wheel Kit 43300494 and 43300496

 The Reinforcer 21” Inch Factory Style Front Wheel

Offered in our Show Quality Chrome Plating and backed by our Lifetime Warranty, we are also pleased to announce that you can now purchase the Reinforcer wheel in our “Piano Black” high gloss finish, which is also backed by our Lifetime Warranty!
The 21” inch Reinforcer is also available in the factory originally style finish (black and machined).
Every Reinforcer wheel we sell has been thoroughly inspected and cleared through our rigorous structural quality control process.
The Dunlop American Elite 130/60/21 is the approved tire for the Reinforcer wheel and is available mounted and balanced when purchased from Sport Chrome.
Reinforcer Chrome Front Wheel and Tire
We also offer matching Brake Discs … Disc Hardware … Wheel Installation Kits … Fender Lift Kits … and matching Flush-Mount Wheel Spacers (abs & non-abs).
The Reinforcer 21” inch front wheel is ready to install on any 2018 Street Glide or Road Glide model (discs may be required).
One special note: We also expect to have 2018 Softail Fatboy and Breakout Wheels available soon!

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